Wishing you a Happy New Year! 😄

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas with all the family, stuffing your faces full with food, opening millions of presents, playing loads of board games, having a few drinks and having a well earned nap due to all the excitement! And if you are not yet back at work and the holiday still continues - continue to celebrate for those of us who have unfortunately had to get back into the realities of work this week.

Although, not for too long, as the turn of the New Year is just around the corner. With a New Year, we all see people posting on social media about their New Years resolutions - a prime example: 'New Year, New Me' *cue pouts and peace sign selfies.* And we all know that most people end up ditching their resolutions half way through January. However, studies have proven that if you do something for 21 days, it will become part of your routine. So, 21 days of hard work will make your resolution a habit and it will no longer feel like a hard slog doing something, because your body will realise that it's a regularity and become accustomed to it.

This means, for not even the whole of January you need to start and march through. So lets ignore the first day of the year, because after a heavy night of partying and celebrating the New Year, this will be bottom of the priority list, so from the 2nd January until the 22nd, you need to work on your resolution in order to make it work for the rest of the year.

Need ideas for your New Years Resolution? Here's a few:

-Walk for the shorter distances

-Cycle to work (or join a bike scheme - have a look at our Free2Cycle blog for more information)

-Become a regular on the public transport in your area

-Encourage the kids to bike to school everyday

-Learn a new language or any new topics you are interested in on your daily commute

-Get rid of your car (this is a big commitment - the next idea is along the same lines but more achievable for the modern day lifestyle)

-Use other modes of transport for all journeys unless absolutely needed longer journeys

If you having any other sustainable New Years Resolutions, let us know by contacting us through Twitter or email.

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