How sustainable are we travelling as a nation?

The Department for Transport provides an annual National Travel Survey, which is data collected throughout the UK to form a baseline of travel information. For example, how we travel, how long for, how far, why, when, who, and many various other aspects. TP Co-ordinators analyses this information to develop greater a understanding in order to improve the distribution of travel modes in new developments. In general, the areas that new developments are in are slightly different to the national average, as some places are higher and some lower depending on various factors, such as their proximity to public transport and how accessible the town or village is to surrounding areas. The National Travel Survey is essential to providing an average and a baseline to mark against and to analyse how necessary certain aspects of travel are.

The National Travel Survey (NTS)

Nationally, levels of sustainable transport is low, with car travel being the most common mode of transport in the UK at 62% in the 2016 NTS.

Bus and car travel have both declined, whereas walking as a mode of transport has increased. (All other modes have remained the same). This suggests that there is more awareness of the damaging effects of cars and that this has caused a decrease of 2% in cars and 2% in buses from 2015 and 2016. Please see these links for the main results of the NTS in 2015 and 2016.

The ownership of at least one car in the household increased by 2% from 75% in 2015, however this has not impacted negatively on the usage of cars which is positive. Despite there being more households that own cars, there are less journeys being made by car and more people walking as a mode of transport. Walking is a great sustainable mode of travel, which can be a health benefit for the traveller too. This is good to see as it suggests the encouragements of sustainable travel throughout the country are having a positive effect on the way we travel as a whole.

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