Save on fuel, splash out on presents.

The holiday season is so close. And it can be full of surprises, especially the strain on your credit card when you can't resist but to spoil your family. Well, here is a way to save money as we approach the Christmas season: Car-share.

Money is tight at Christmas, we have all experienced that, and I am sure that you have tried to save throughout the year, but maybe you need an easier way. With Liftshare you don''t need to change your routine, just share your car and get money for fuel or vice versa.

More people in 1 car = less cars on the road = less congestion = less journey time = be there quicker = happy you

The average saving when you car share regularly is around £1,000 a year, and sometimes up to 3 or even 4 time more! Liftshare promotes the reduction of single car occupancy through understanding that maybe other sustainable modes of transport are not a good option for you, but encourage the sharing of journeys together. This scheme is effective and has loads of members, it has contributed to the reduction of cars on the road and the building of many friendships.

Calculate how much you could save by clicking here.

To join, click here.

There is also some sites linked with Liftshare, that offer services within 1 county rather than the whole country.

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