Travelling by bus could be better than you think!

When thinking of your choice of travel, travelling by bus is usually a last choice, if one at all. It's the same with everyone, why would you want to subject yourself to such a horrible journey? But have you actually been on a bus and taken time to appreciate the positives of a bus journey? If you have, then travelling by bus must be higher on your agenda now? If you haven't, you'd be better off if you tried it!

There are so many things we take for granted in the world today, everything has become so easy and accessible. The world has been transformed into a hub of frantic and manic lifestyles where we expect everything to be made easy or to be done for us. Very few people will not make time for the beauties of this world and will be missing out on the wonderful world we live in.

I have compiled 14 of the easiest ways to appreciate and enjoy bus journeys.

1. The sights

As soon as you get on a bus, you start travelling, you can look out the window and just take everything in. Depending where you are obviously depends whether you are in a rural setting or an urban one, either way you're likely to see things you haven't before. You can see numerous things on a bus journey, buildings, history, culture, nature and people. This brings me to my next point.

2. People

My favourite past time, as many others, is people watching. Even, if you don't care to admit it, we all do it. Making stories of their lives, what job they have, what their background is and whether they would be a nice person, or whether you are just being nosy, all contributes as part of this. At the end of the day, what is the harm in amusing yourself and being curious.

3. The Price

Travelling by bus is economical too. 1 bus can hold up to as many as 53 people, the cost of carrying 53 people in one vehicle is much less than 15 cars (approximately) going individually (that is assuming that there would be more than one person in each car!). The cost (of fuel) for a full bus to travel 30 miles, for instance at around 45-50 mph, would use 25 litres of petrol (at the rate of 114.9pl this would cost £26.40). However, if we said for instance these 53 people didn't get the bus and all drove in 15 cars with the same distance, the same speed, that would be a total of £39.60. This would be £139.92 for the 53 people to drive individually.

On averages the bus ticket for 30 miles would be around £2.30, and the single car being £2.70. Think and save money - I could not see any better benefit that saving money!

4. Safer

You're 9 times more likely to die travelling by car than you are by using public transport. The number of deadly car accidents in comparison to bus crashes, is significantly higher. Buses have their own bus lanes, for the use of only buses and taxis, meaning a better controlled lane of traffic.

5. Faster

With their own lane, this also means they are faster. Long gone are the days of wasting your life stuck in a traffic jam. Recent research shows that the average commuter spends 5 days in traffic over the period of a year, and in that spends £968 in wasted fuel.

6. Flexibility

Bus services are frequent, and therefore, flexible to your daily life, if you're doing something slightly different and need a different bus time, the likelihood is that you can do this easily with regular and consistent bus services. I live in a village and even then the bus route is every 30 minutes, which works well with my timetable, as everyday is usually different!

7. Coverage

You can literally go anywhere, there's no stopping you now.

8. Convenience

Firstly, life is made instantly easier by not having to drive. Secondly, buses often have the perks of using links closer to pedestrian zones or to places that in a car, you would just not be able to get to. Car parks always seem to be miles from the town centres and just a bit of a pain, especially if you're running late already because of the traffic you've been stuck in on your commute. Once one thing has gone wrong, the rest of your day is bound to follow.

9. Lowering the demand for parking

Getting the bus means you don't have to pay for parking, nor do you have to find a parking space! Relief!

10. Reducing Stress

With all of your worries of your commute elsewhere, you will find you become less stressed. The weight off of your shoulders will mean you have more time for you, more time to concentrate on yourself and be happier on your journeys.

11. Better physical ability

Walk to the bus, get on the bus, walk from the bus, walk back to the bus, get on the bus, walk home. From this 6 part journey, walking accounts for two thirds of it. You'll be reaching higher levels of activity. The NHS suggest that you only need to walk for 30 minutes a day to reach the category of 'moderately active'. If that is the case, then that is only a 7 minute walk to and from the bus for a return journey in one day - that does sound doable.

12. Free Wifi Most buses have free wifi available on board, meaning you can catch up with messages, emails and social media. This is great or today's population, especially if you use the bus as your travel choice for your commute.

13. Personal Free Time

Not only can you use this time to catch up with your online life, you can use this to take up a new, or old and lost hobby, something you would not normally have time to do, for example, reading, writing, drawing and anything.

14. Smaller Carbon Footprints

By taking the bus you will lower your carbon footprint by 3.8 tonnes per year, this is a huge saving. Congestion costs the UK economy £30.8 billion a year and this is suspected to raise to £300 billion if we continue to neglect the process of making our public transportation system sustainable. TomTom Traffic's Vice President, Ralph-Peter Schaefer, said 'If only 5% of us changed our travel plans, we could improve traffic congestion on our main roads by up to 30%'. This is only a small portion of people, but councils and local traffic authorities are finding the difficulty of dealing with long-term traffic growth.

Do your bit.

Travel by bus.

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