10 Ways to Improve your Boring Commute On The Train

No matter how long your daily commute is, we all know it can be super boring at times. Why not use that time to be productive and enjoy yourself instead of wasting that valuable time. There are so many ways that you can benefit from your commute. If you keep your brain more engaged whilst on your commute you're likely to be more alert and ready for the day.

1. Set Goals for the Day

In my eyes, this is definitely beneficial, you can set yourself simple goals for the day. Not unreasonable and unachievable goals, as this exercise is intended to give yourself a boost and enable you to gain a clearer focus, optimum use of resources, peace of mind and improves communication. All these benefits will help you to deliver more efficiently in your daily job.

2. Organisation

Optimise and organise. Use your commute to organise your life, although that seems a bit of a dramatic statement, you will benefit hugely from a more organised lifestyle. Plan your week, go through your emails and messages to keep up to date. Organisation is underrated, everyone jokes how organisation is for women or someone being 'OCD', but literally organisation is life. Stay organised, reduce stress. It is that simple.

3. Mindfulness

Use this time to reflect and practice self mindfulness. Mindfulness is a concept (or rather a meditation) that encourages a state of awareness and acceptance. Until recently, the West had little knowledge of this, but this meditation uses full focus on your breathing as a way to calm and relax your body. If your commute is long and you're often stressed, this will engage your brain and body in a method of mental training. If you're interested, there are plenty of new books and articles on this form of meditation to get you started.

4. Get Smart

Study a new subject, a new culture, anything that takes your interest really. Especially if you have a long commute, learning something you didn't know, or knew little about

5. Learn a New Language

There are various great books, podcasts, audio guides and more to start you off. If you practice everyday, you'll become fluent in no time. There is a website online that claims you can be fluent in 3 months. Why not try test this and see if you can! If not, I think the average is a lot longer than that!

6. Podcasts

Listen to your favourite audiobooks, radio stations, debates and all sorts. Podcasting has its roots way back in the 80's when it was refered to as 'audioblogging' so you will be spoilt for choice on options. Although podcasting only had a surge of popularity in 2004, when it became available on the iPod, it is a historic and great way to keep up to date and not miss your favourite 'audio-blogs'.

7. Pour your heart out

Journalling in your spare time is becoming more and more appealing to everyone, with the rise of blogging, it is so easy to get one started and for you to flourish in your new skill, or if you're starting anew, it's a good way to get in to writing.

8. Read

Read. Just read.

Reading a book is extremely good for you. Not only does it make you smarter, but it increases your brain power, improves your focus and improves your functioning memory. Reading is a really good work out for your brain and you get enjoyment out of it too. If you find reading difficult due to lack of concentration or loss of interest, why not try short stories or poetry to begin with?

9. Draw

Express your feelings with the way of a pencil. Drawing is such a great stress relief, it does not matter if you're any good at it, as it just allows your mind to only focus on one thing. The thing with expression of feeling, is there is so many ways to do it, and as soon as you've expressed those feelings you'll feel a weight lift from your shoulders.

10. Me Time

Relax. Chill out. This is time for you. Some suggest sleep and recuperate, but just look around and take in the surroundings and enjoy that you are apart of this face paced world.

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