World Car Free Day - 22nd September 2017

Take Part and Travel the Green Way.

There are many other ways in which you can travel without being dependent on your car. World Car Free Day aims to promote sustainable modes of transport that don't have such an impact on the environment as cars. You could travel by train, bus, cycle, foot.

Over 40 countries take part in this initiative in order to encourage the reduction of pollution and congestion. Join England in the fight towards sustainability, if you don't know how, you'd better keep reading!


A train commute is much easier than a car commute, there's no stress of traffic, no delays because of traffic, and if you travel far to work, this is likely to give you some turn off time - time you allow yourself to switch from home mode to work mode and vice versa. Trains are improving and becoming more attractive to commuters, a fabulous example is Greater Anglia trains have recently installed more sockets so commuters can charge their phones or computers. Train stations are being improved to reel people in, another key example is the installation of e-ticket readers, to make your journey less hassle.


Travelling by bus is simple, find where your nearest stop is, download either files from or similar sites, or download the new apps that are designed to improve your bus journeys and reduce delay times. Bus lanes and pre-warning to delays make your journey much more time efficient and enables customers to build there trust up with the local service providers.


There are numerous bike schemes which encourage cycling to work to reduce travel costs and environmental impacts. The bike reduces your carbon footprint, whilst you keep fit! Cycling as regular exercise can have fantastic impacts on your personal well being, it increases energy and productivity levels in the brain, you lose weight and reduces stress. All in all, there's so many advantages to cycling, it's worth a go.


Travelling by foot has the same benefits as cycling, although if you've got weak joints, walking much less strenuous on joints and bones. Regularly walking for 30 minutes everyday would make you reach the NHS's category of moderately active, enhancing your physical abilities and keeping you healthy. Walking is the most cost effective and simplest way to travel, you don't need to buy any equipment as you were born with what you need.

Work from home

Work from home for a day and reduce your emissions completely for the day! If you have the option to take days working from home, this is a fabulous opportunity to take one of these days, still being productive but in your own space, with no restrictions, no one moaning at you, no arguments of what temperature to keep the air conditioning at and a peaceful day of work.

Why is it so important?

Sustainable travel is so important to the world for various reasons, the most obvious being the environment. With all the research that has been done on travel, it is shown that in the long term, driving alone is the most ineffective and expensive choice of transport for commuting. This takes into account the traffic delays that cause an excess of emissions, the expense of petrol against the cost of public transport, where everyone comes together in their journey, for example on a train - if everyone a full train of people all decided to drive, the costs would be extremely dear, rather than everyone purchasing a train ticket. This is without delving into the impacts on the environment too much, which is increasingly deteriorating without a worldwide use of sustainable transport. So get ready to join in on World Car Free Day with everyone else and use a new kind of transport - let us know what you choose by tweeting us @tpcoordinators

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