Road trip! Share your experience.

We can't deny that we all love a good road trip!

Car sharing is a really easy way to lower your carbon footprint and positively impact the environment. We all have cars, the National Travel Survey 2015 records that 74% of all adults aged 17+ held a full car driving license in 2015, which had risen dramatically from 48% since the 1970s. This indicates an upward trend in the use of car transportation and the rise of car journeys. Not only does the rise in licensed drivers identify a growing issue for the environment, but it has increased the number of people travelling alone by car, a huge 62% of people drive alone. This contributes to the single car occupancy that we aim to lower. On average each car for each journey in 2015, there were 1.6 passengers.

In order to reduce the single car occupancy, which will raise the number of passengers per car and effectively reduce the number of cars on the road.

There are so many benefits to car sharing, that it seems silly not to.


When you share your journey, you split the cost. There are various websites (all links below) that help you find people travelling the same journey/ part of the same journey as you, and you can come together to share your journey. Petrol then becomes cheaper because it is split between more people. For example, why not drive together with colleagues, splitting the petrol money up to 5 ways and have company to share your trip with.


Become more sociable by sharing your journey with others. As daunting as that sounds to begin with, there are multiple journeys that you can make with the people you already know. You can share your commute with co-workers, share a journey to the supermarket with friends or even share your route to other modes of transport, for example, the train station. Once you get used to the idea and more comfortable, you'll be car-sharing all the time.


Start bringing sustainability into your everyday travel routine. When you join in on sustainable travel, not only do you get the benefits listed above, but also you decrease the rate of environmental deterioration and improve sustainability in your area. Not to mention the health impacts car fumes have on us, causing strokes, heart attacks and lung diseases. Although not the only cause, air pollution contributes to the deaths of approximately 30,000 people each year.

A bit of maths to show the effects

Expanding on and using the example above of 5 people who would normally drive individually to a workplace of around 20 people.

1 car emits 4.7 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which works out as 0.5kg a mile.* And on average, according to the National Travel Survey, 15 miles is the average distance of commute, which already raises your emmision to 7.5kg on a one way journey.

1 car = 7.5kg

20 cars =150kg

Therefore, if everyone car shared in the company, this journey would only need 4 cars, which would produce 30kg of carbon dioxide emissions. For one workplace this would decrease their emissions by 80%.

It's up to you. Make a difference to your carbon footprint and car share today!

Some useful websites:

*on the average of 11,000 miles per year per car. Also subject to change, unfortunately it will probably increase.

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