World Nature Day - Monday 17th July 2017

World Nature Day is approaching, and it's on Monday! Get ready to join us in raising awareness of the environment and how we are harming it. So how does this link to us, TP Co-ordinators?

We aim to reduce the use of single car occupancy through our Travel Plans as a requirement of the Government for new developments. The purpose of this Governmental mission is to promote sustainable development, to think of our future and not to neglect the needs of future generations to come. Initially, we need to start thinking about the environment and how we treat the world, if we want to supply a stable future for others ahead of us. The National Planning Policy Framework explain that not only must we improve for the future, but we should also be restoring the world we live in.

World Nature Day specifically outline their commitment towards improving quality of life but not at the cost of nature. TP Co-ordinators view of promoting sustainable modes of transport encourages similar targets, by reducing single car occupancy, we are improving the efficiency of transport, reducing the number of vehicle emissions and ultimately lowering the impact on the environment.

So why not join in by raising awareness of the negative impacts our travel has on the environment and promote sustainability?

If you're not sure how, here's a few ideas to get sustainable this World Nature Day:

- Ride your bike to work,

- Walk to your local shop for your groceries,

- Your local is too far? Bike, train, bus?

- Car-share to work, lower your carbon footprint by joining together,

- Enquire at your local public transport provider for a season ticket,

- Walk your short journeys and cycle for the longer ones.

And don't forget to let us know what you're doing to raise awareness of sustainable transport, tweet us @tpcoordinators.

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