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We are providing travel advise throughout the Country in a variety of ways.


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By promoting the benefits of sustainable travel, we contribute positively to local environments and communities.
The aim of an official Travel Plan is to support the Governments mission to reduce single-occupancy cars by suggesting the accessibility and benefits of alternatives such as walking, cycling, car share and public transport.
In promoting the use of alternative modes of transport we aim to change travel behaviour in ways that will improve personal well-being and the environment.
Supporting local communities and businesses is an important principle for TP Coordinators.

- Travel Welcome Packs,

- Travel Plan Framework to support planning application,

- Promoting sustainable modes of travel,

- Monitoring, surveying and analysising the performance of Travel Plans,

- Liaising with key stakeholders such as local authorities & public transport providers,

- Negotiate with local suppliers such as cycle stores,

- Manage Travel Plan budgets and administrate incentive vouchers,

- Organise Travel Plan steering groups,

- Personalised Travel Plans.

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Every plan is unique according to the local community, the existing transport provision and the key origins and destinations, amongst other factors.
Our services are tailored to meet the client's needs, whilst maintaining the ethos for making a positive difference to local communities.
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) outlines the importance of Travel Plans, as it ensures natural environmental, economic and social progress.
'Sustainable means ensuring that better lives for ourselves don't mean worse lives for future generations'
Travel Planning is now part of a governmental mission to raise awareness of the impact that high levels of traffic has on the environment. The NPPF aims to promote the use of sustainable travel options during the planning process.  

Our Services include:

Finding new ways to travel.

TP Coordinators provide an extensive range of services in preparing Travel Plans for BREEAM Assessment and planning applications, implementing, monitoring and promoting the use of sustainable modes of transport.
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